Current Mission Address

Elder Dane Edward Eskildsen
Brazil Santa Maria Mission
Caixa Postal 0339

Centro Quarai-RS 97560-000

(updated 1/13)

Monday, February 20, 2012

                                  Paint balling with my zone.  Elder Lyman and Elder Garrett Elder Rosa

                                                 Me and Marcia , Anderson and Giovanne
                            Me and Guhlherme and his family  Below part of my zone getting ready to paintball
To whom may be concerned,
This last week was a good one. We had a few baptisms which is always a fun thing. After all, that is my purpose here.We also attended the marriage of our investigators on Friday! It was fun. Tears were shed by some,
and to all who were present partook of cake. I spent a majority of my time this week sweating the equivelent of my body weight, and eating enough sweets to down a grown elephant. Seriously though, Ithink I may die here. The week however, was fruitful and gave to us great prospects of the weeks to come.
  So We played paintball earlier today as our p-day activity. It´s a bit different in Brazil. You have to crush berries and 
things like that to make the paint and then find a certain hollow plant that they have here and place the paint inside. Then you just go around chucking the makeshift paintballs at each other.... Im just kidding Brazil isnt that ghetto. I enjoyed it quite a bit, notwithstanding the heat. Então, até mais pessoal. Also hope you are all doing well, and I always would like to hear what is happening in your lives, so if you have the time feel free to write me a letter. 
-Elder Eskildsen

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 13

                                                 Zone and Meeting with Elder Costa
Oi, tem gente?

So I have been thinking that these entries may start to become more infrequent,but then again maybe not. Don´t trust that. I have had a pretty good week this last week. We have begun to see real fruits in our labors. We marked a few more baptisms for this Saturday, which has gotten me pretty excited. Also we have a marriage of our investigators! Woo! MArrIAGE, is what brings us here today. Stoked for that as well. I apologize for not having a funny/entertaining story to tell this week,but I will try to procure one for the next week. Hope you are all doing well!          -Elder Eskildsen