Current Mission Address

Elder Dane Edward Eskildsen
Brazil Santa Maria Mission
Caixa Postal 0339

Centro Quarai-RS 97560-000

(updated 1/13)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

                                                   Eating a quarter of Melancia
                                                     Zona Uruguiana
                                      Wagner and his wife fed us Churasco Christmas Eve
                                            Sister Jessee and Sister Enestrom
                              Some dog made a home on our deck while it was raining.  I fed him crackers.
                                               Me and Elder Bott when we were in the apt. sick
Feliz Natal Tchê!
This past week was a bit slow.The first few days of the week went really well, relatively without incident. Then to our absolute horror my entire apartment was struck with some sort of dysenteric madness, which left our entire apartment inside for two days straight. I will explain what happened. We came home one night and Elder Bott had a fever of 101, which as we all know is not good. Yet that was just the beginning. The next day Elder Bott was feeling a bit better, and mine and Elder de Souza´s lunch fell through so we went to Elder Garrett and Bott´s lunch. That is where we thing we contracted the affliction of the bowel that we suffered later that night and all the next day. So we were forced to stay in the house the next day. The sickness eased itself off me first, so I got better bythe middle of the day, but the others still had it. Eventually, one by one, the others got better. The next
day we would have gone out, but two Elders were still in stricken, and it was raining like crazy. And windy. I have never seen such a river in the middle of the street as I saw last week. It was awesome, but also we
were tired of being stuck inside. We did have a lot of fun bonding though. We are all better now and ready
for action this next week.
      Christmas here in Brazil was pretty awesome, but quite different from the states. The Brazilians dont usually start the big festivities until midnight, but as missionaries we werent allowed to be out so late. Luckily we had an awesome ward member who invited us over and had a nice dinner of Brazilian BBQ ready for us nice and early (9:50 PM). (We were allowed to stay out until 10:30 on Christmas eve, so we were not breaking a rule. Anyway, it was delicious and awesome, and my wrists are complaining and demanding that I stop writing because I´m creating crazy run on sentences that may or may not be filled with logical fallaciesand all around buffoonary. Então, vou encerrar. Espero que todos vocês tinham boas festas, e um feliz ano novo!
 Tcau meninos.
-Elder Eskildsen

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19

E aí pessoas,Como estão?
This week was a bit slow, but successful nonetheless. We had two morebaptisms which was notable to say the least.We baptized a set of twins: Leonardo e Leandro,who are both nine years old and quite awesome!
They were a lot of fun to teach and have alot of excitement towards the gospel! We have a few great investigators right now andI am excited to be able to see them progress. It´s going to require some hard work to be successfulduring the holiday season though. No one seems to have time to talk to us during Christmas. Who knew? Not me. (I did in fact just answer my own rhetorical question). We had a lot of great lessons and good food this last week. Also we attended zone conference which was splendid.
            I got bit by a dog for the first time here last monday night.I can´t say I enjoyed it, but I can now cross it off the list of things I have yet to do here. It only bruised lightly (mainly because my manly integumentary system withstands mosttypes of bruising.), but It hurt all the same. I´m starting to like dogs less and less here. Also last night in our apartment we had a little friend in our apartment. He was about 2 inches long, brown, and is commonly called a cockroach. He was gross. We killed him. I have a feeling we will be seeing his
family in the future. Woohoo for sketchy missionary housing! Its not too bad though. I hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoyed my scanty post today. Até mais!
Elder Eskildsen

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 12, 2011

To my friends and/or fans in the real world,   This past week has gone fairly well. It was fairly uneventful, yet even so I will proceed to talk about uneventful (albeit interesting) things.  The crazy lady showed up at church yesterday. She didn´t make too much noise during sacrament meeting, but she did steal some trash out of the refuse bin. She also danced a bit, and made kissy faces at me through the window. I was afraid. Oh, so afraid. Luckily we essentially evaded her the entire time. (Evaded meaning that we kept enough distance from her and us that she was unable to touch us). I found out what the word piolho means. It means lice. I know this because, as I was teaching a set of twins that are 9 years of age, I was questioned by one of them ´´ Você tem piolho?´´. I was not familiar with this word,so I looked at my companion who mouthed the word ´´lice´´. I replied to the aforementioned child, Não, não tenho piolho´´. He then added ´´oh, porque eu tenho.´´ He was sitting quite close to me, which was quite disconcerting. Up until this point I do not have said lice. Hopefully  nothing becomes of that. Lice are bad.  I have come to the conclusion that just  because Portuguese has no translational equivalent for the word awkward does not mean that Brazil, or any other Portuguese speaking country is devoid of awkward situations. More on that later. (Meaning I cant think of any awkward situations at the moment, but they are bound to occur in the next few days, or possibly even hours.)

       Well because of a little mixup with the box full of our zone´s mail, I have not received any letters from anyone. So if you sent me any sort of letter or anything like that, there is no reason to fear. I look forward to hearing from people. Also, for those of you who are´´window shopping´´ with my blog: If you can´t get  enough of hearing about my life and the details  concerned with it, feel free to write. You may even feel obligated to write. Thats completely fine too, I am not one to tell you how to live your life.        Então, adeus meus amigos. Só alegria.
-Elder Eskildsen

Monday, December 5, 2011

                                              Elder Bott and Elder Garrett
                                                      Churassco after a long day of fasting

Dec 5, Churassco

Oi, Tudo bem?

All is well here in the southern hemisphere. The moon is upside down, which is a little unnerving, (not scientific fact) but that is an odd side note. We didnt do a lot of knocking doors today, which is a good thing. We had quite a few referals and taught our fair share of lessons. There was still immense amounts of walking though. We spent a lot of Teusday searching for a new apartment, because President is sending two new sets of missionaries here, and thus we need to find a new place in which
to live. It was not near as wild and exhilirating as it sounds.
   When we were looking at apartments we ran into the same crazy lady who snuck into the
chapel two weeks ago and was dancing around. Sufficeth to say it was an odd experience. We
were downtown, in front of a store, asking someone for directions when I (regrettably)
caught the attention of an (Also regrettably)familiar face. As soon as she perceived that I
saw her, she dropped (or rather threw) the trash in her hand onto the ground. (I assume it was
trash because I have been told that she has a habit of gathering refuse [Apparently all of the
missionaries are aware of this same crazy woman, because they all knew who I was talking
about when I recounted the story]) Anyway, I digress. She threw her beloved trash to the
ground and started dancing to the music that was conveniently playing in a nearby store.
In my infinite  wisdom I decided that the best alternative would be to simply ignore her.
Good idea: DENIED; I soon found that when you ignore her, she touchs you. The more I
ignored, the more aggressive she got in touching my arm. It was like an old crazy Brazilian version
of my little brother Bergen. In the end we got the directions we were asking for and took
our speedy flight away from her, never to return again. I will admit, it was both an awkward and
funny experience while it was happening, and even now as I retell it.
     I have had some very delicious meals this past week, including a wonderful churrasco
that we had yesterday. I sent pictures with which to instill jealousy in anyone who views
them. Not much else worth mentioning has occured this week, but we worked hard
teaching and searching our those that the lord has prepared to accept our message.
I am so excited to be here doing this work! I hope that everyone is doing well!
-Elder Eskildsen

P.S. We ate at the house of a member who just got  back from Bela Horizante and he said
that he knew Elder Michael Casper, so thats pretty cool.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uruguaiana 1st area Elder de Souza companion

November 28, 2011

Olá amigos,

I´m still in Brazil and it is awesome. I am typing on a brazilian computer, with a Portuguese keyboard, in a brazilian internet café, getting stared at by Brazilians because  Ilook very out of place. Also this morning during my run I was chased by a pack of mangey  ´´almost on the verge of death´´ Brazilian dogs. Super exotic. There are a lot of great things here that the U.S. is bereft of. Like Guaraná
and delicious fresh breads filled with sketchy  fruit whose name is unknown in English: (Passionfruit) Thats just a taste of whatI am priveleged with here.
         This week has been slow and altogether unfruitful. A lot of our lessons fell through, and
we had a few referalls to people who appear not to exist. We did a lot of walking between houses only to find that no one was home or that they did not want to be bothered by the missionaries. We had a baptism though! I got to baptized Guilherme who is part of a part member family. He is an awesome kid and hasa lot of excitement about the gospel.
        This past week had some pretty hot days and I have found myself in a state of perpetual dampness. Luckily we are moving around a lot, or I would be growing mold. This week to come
is going to be pretty mild though, so that is envigorating.
     I have had good days and bad days this past week in terms of the language. There are people
that I can converse with for hours and not sound like too much of an idiot, and then there are others
whose speech I couldnt decipher without a Urim and Thummim (LDS joke). I´m learning quickly and
people are generally very gracious in thier efforts to assimilate me into Brazilian culture.
  This next week is looking really good, so I´m super stoked! I hope you all have a good week as well.

-Elder Eskildsen

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21 Uruguaiana

Hey everyone!

I think todays post is going to be pretty short. This past week has been pretty good, and it only exceeded 100 degrees for two days or so!  I am having a great time here in Uruguaiana, and have spent a lot of time in the Ipiranga area searching for people to teach! The members dont give us a lot of
referrals so we are subjected to roaming the streets finding those willing to hear our message. It´s not too bad though because I like street contacts and  knocking doors. (Or at least I do at the moment. Give
it a few months and that may change.) But as for now I am loving the missionary work. This week
has been anything but fruitful though. We lost a few investigators and baptismal dates. Notwithstanding that, I have high hopes for the coming week. I  honestly think that things will go swimmingly this week. (More on that later)

Whoever said that I wouldnt be eating a lot of meat on my mission was telling a bold
faced lie. Either that or they werent familiar with the Santa Maria mission and thus were lying in ignorance. But what I am essentially saying is that I have enjoyed my fair share of meat in the past week. It has been splendid. The people here really know how to cook. They also know how to force second and third helpings on me, no matter how hard I plead to the contrary.  I may have trouble staying ´´skinny´´ on this mission. But its all good because I have been running with Elder Bott the past few days to help him get back into shape for his track scholorship, and to keep me
from becoming twice the Dane I was when I enteredBrazil.

Theres a lot more to say, but not too much more time.  Also I grow weary of typing. I hope the best for
everyone, and if you have questions, comments, or concerns please send all letters to the following
address, and I will get back to you in a (relatively)timely manner:

Caixa Postal 0339
Santa Maira - RS
97001 - 976

-Elder Eskildsen

Monday, November 14, 2011

Uruguaina 1st area by border of Argentina

Made it to Brazil!!

Bom dia todo mundo!
Ou seja, boa tarde.

I am now officially in Brazil. Crazy stuff
took place last week (me recieving my VISA
and such) so I wasn´t able to write a post. I was
really sad to have to leave Prairie Grove, but now
I am in a better place: Uruguaiana! Yea I am chillin´
here in Uruguaiana with my new companion Elder
de Souza who hails from São Paulo. It´s legitimate.
He is pretty much fluent in english, so with our
languages combined we are able to communicate
very well.

I absolutely love it here! We got into Brasil at
around 8 in the morning Wednesday, and guess
who I encountered there?! Elder Lipps from my
district in the MTC, and Elder Josephsen from the
district that entered the MTC with us! I was and remain
to be stoked. We all spent the first few days in Santa
Maria doing introductory missionary stuff. (Like going
to the police station so we dont get deported).

I met my companion on Friday and that day we did
street contacts with another Elder who is one of the
secretaries in Santa Maria. It was awesome. We didnt
get to Uruguaiana until 6 in the morning on Saturday, but
we still had to wake up at 6:30 to get straight down to
business. We have taught a lot of lessons so far, and
I made sense of some of it. I have no trouble understanding
certain people, but at times the brazilians are very hard to
understand. Luckily I do fine communicating with most
people and only sound incoherent an average of half the
time. I still have got quite a bit to learn.

It hasn´t been (incredibly) hot here yet, but I have
been told that the worst is forthcoming. I don´t know how
I feel about that. Our apartment is pretty ghetto, but I
love it all the same. The people here have been really
great. (Or at least I assume they have, based on how
much I have understood thus far). They are really open to
hear the gospel, and we have a lot of glorious work ahead
of us. Things are quite different here, but I love it. I don´t
know much else to say, notwithstanding the fact that
there is bound to be so much more to say.

If you have written me a letter in the past few weeks
I probably received it in Arkansas or havent received it
yet. So do not fret if I dont reply in a timely fasion. I wasn´t
able to send anything from Arkansas, so if you wrote me
it may take a while to receive a reply. Disregarding all this,
I still would love to hear from all of you! Also we only are
given mail once ever transfer (which is like 1 time per 6 weeks)
So that will make the ´´mailing my friends and loved ones so
that they know I still acknowledge the fact that they exist´´
cycle a little bit slower.

That said, I hope that everyone is doing very well, and I wish
you all the best!
Até Mais!
-Elder Eskildsen

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Arkansas

New address:   Elder Dane Eskildsen
                           302 So Mock Apt A4
                           Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Hello there Y'all,

I use the colloquial term Y'all simply because
I am currently in a small town in Arkansas called Prairie Grove,
where everyone seems to use y'all. (Yes, I do defend my use of
southern slang).

I flew into Tulsa on Thursday with another Elder from Moses Lake
named Elder Cacchiatti. We spent that day with the mission President
and his wife. They are both amazing, and I have already grown to love
them. That night we did a bit of "sightseeing" in Tulsa, and did a few
new missionary procedures. I was informed Friday night that I have
been assigned to serve in the Prairie Grove area of Arkansas.
Prairie Grove is a small little town. Also included in my area are
Farmington and Lincoln Arkansas, both of which are minuscule in size,
and remind me of Connell, but with more trees.

I love the area around here already, and the ward members are really
great. My companion Elder Eyre, who hails from Mapleton Utah, is
top notch as well. He has done a great job of getting me acclimated
into missionary life, and in teaching me about the area and our
investigators. It was awkward meeting all these new people at first, but
I really have already gotten used to it. That and the staring. I have gotten
used to being stared down by everyone in a public place. The next step
is simply opening my mouth as much as my companion does.

My last few days in the MTC were grand, and I really enjoyed the
district that I stayed with my last few days. It was sad to leave (because of
the people, not nearly on account of leaving the MTC). But I got up
bright and early on Friday morning to catch my flight to Dallas
and then to Tulsa. Oh, and I found out why I had to stay that
extra week in the MTC. As it turns out, they had someone to
send with me to Tulsa, but it wasn't an Elder. In fact, it was a
sister missionary whose first name was Kyle, thus generating
all kinds of confusion. So they couldn't send her posing as an
Elder, so the best alternative was to keep both of us in the MTC,
until they could get everything worked out.

The good news is that I am here in Arkansas and loving it. I know
that this is where I need to be, at least for the moment. If you have any
questions, feel free to write! I would love to hear from you.

I hope you are all doing fine!
-Elder Eskildsen

Thursday, October 27, 2011

last week in MTC October 25, 2011

Hey there folks, Things are changing here dramatically.
As of right now my entire district is gone, while I have
the pleasure of staying in the MTC. I am effectively the
Moroni of this district. But all is well, I switched over into
district A who came in the week after me. They are all
cool guys so I'm pretty stoked about that. It was really
sad to see my companion Elder Pole'o leave this morning.
Luckily I will probably see them all again in Brazil. (Because
we are definitely going to be there.)

Well I was reassigned to the Oklahoma Tulsa mission
and will stay there until my VISA comes in. I'm pretty excited
for this assignment because not only is it not Texas, it is all
farmland. And none of the cities in the mission are terribly big
so I like that as well. I head out on Friday. (I'm pretty sure
I am the only Elder leaving so late, but thats super cool as
well). I'm just excited to get into the field.

Well this last week was a bit crazy as well because our district
members were dropping like flies. Therefore each day was spent
packing and saying goodbyes. Two Elders in my district (Lipps
 and Nelson) are going to Birmingham Alabama, another two (
Pol'o and Strout) just left on a bus to get to Salt Lake City, and
Another (Elder Andersen) left yesterday to go to philidelphia.
They will all probably be proselyting while I am here eating and
sitting to my hearts content. I'm very excited to get out of here
and start changing peoples lives.

Other than that the MTC has remained static. I will essentially
be here revolving around the same routine until Friday when
I get to leave at 3 in the morning. This may very well be one of
my shortest posts ever, because I honestly have nothing more to
say. I miss you all and wish the best for you!

-Elder Eskildsen

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTC another week Oct 18

 Dear fans, stalkers, etc,
I have had an awesome time here at the MTC this week.
At this moment however, it is all quiet on the VISA front. There
have been a hundred or so VISA's come in for other missionaries,
yet not a single person in my district has gotten theirs. We however,
follow the admonition of Paul, and we HOPE all things. Hopefully
to some avail. But anyway, I will most likely be getting my
reassignment tomorrow or on Thursday, so that is super exciting.
I'm praying for cold, but I will probably be sent to Texas to
be chastened.
Well this week Elder Pole'o and I were chosen as one of eight
companionship's to teach in a "Preparing to Teach" seminar for
the new missionaries that come in on Wednesday. I'm pretty
excited, but now Elder Pole'o and I have to be careful not to be
too intimidating to the new missionaries. We can't expect them
ALL to be as great as us! Haha, but really we need to take care
that we don't screw these newbies up too much! Im really excited
for it, but teaching in English is going to be challenging. Perhaps
I should just teach in Portuguese to avoid being caught
in any mistakes! I think we will do great!
Well our district has been getting along just as good as ever.
There have been a few dissensions and arguments within our
district, but nothing that can't be resolved to easily. It is really
hitting us now that we will be leaving very soon. I'm really going
to miss all of these guys! But there are bigger and better things
out there for us to do.
So I love rambling. It is one of the greatest pastimes. The only
problem is that I have nothing left that I feel like I could talk about
that is at all interesting. Oh, actually there was somehow a pen in
my dryer this morning that EXPLODED all over my whites.... Luckily
I only suffered the casualty of one shirt (May it rest in peace). I am
so unfathomably lucky that that is all that happened, because I enjoy
wearing things that aren't covered in ink. Well I only have about 45
seconds left, so I miss you people! (Unless you are strangers [But you
are cool too]) and I hope you are doing well!
-Ate Mais!
Elder Eskildsen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MTC Oct 11

Boa Tarde everyone!
I hope you are having an excellent day.
Remember that time that I had nothing new to say about
the MTC, but I'm going to struggle to do so anyway? I do...

This week has just been a little bit more of the same. Pleasant
and full of joy, but static in every sense of the word. The indolence of
a long weekday is made more bearable by an awesome district. I'm
lucky to have them in my district. By what I've just said, it seems as
though I don't like it here. I can assure you that that is not the case!
I have not yet been unhappy here. I love everyone that I have met
and I am incredibly thankful for all I have learned. I just know that
there are things of tantamount importance for me to do somewhere
else. Thus I relish the opportunity to use all that I have learned here
to bring blessings into other peoples lives.

On another note, Elder Empey got his VISA and is headed out
to Brazil today. On a much more unrelated note, I am green with
jealous rage right now. But really, I am happy for him and know
that he will probably love it there. My one reservation concerning
leaving the MTC here early to go to Brazil is leaving my district
behind. Needless to say it will be hard to say goodbye when that
time comes.

We sing alot in our district. I don't know if any of you know that.
Hymns of course. Anything else is worldly and evil. Haha, I really
enjoy the musical potential that my district has. There isn't one of
us who can't carry a tune. Thus we display our talents for the benefit
and upliftment (not a word, but bear with me) of all those that are around to hear. (In a reverant,
friendly manner of course). Also, on Sunday evenings a bunch of
Tongan and Samoan missionaries get together to just sing, and I,
through Elder Pole'o's Tongan-ness have been priveleged to
join in. It is so much fun, and the Polynesians are just
awesome people.

Basically, this is a wonderful place, full of joy and optimism.
Oh, and tomorrow I get to host new missionaries. Stoked.
I can't wait to see what the future will hold!
I hope you are doing well and that you are all prospering and such

Ate Mais!
-Elder Eskildsen!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 6, Provo MTC

Ola everyone!
I hope all is going well for you in the real world!
As for being in the MTC things are going pretty well. Elder Bryant
Andersen came in this last week and we practically have the same
schedule so I see him quite a bit. As for big news of the week, Elder
Mathieu has departed our presence as of 10:30 this morning to head for
the Sao Paulo CTM, much to the jealousy and reviling of our district.
Yes, it is difficult to see a member of what is practically our family
leave us, but Elder Pole'o and I are excited to finally be able to bask
in the glory of a true companionship. No more of that "triplet" business.
In related and astounding news I have inherited BOTTOM BUNK!
No longer will I be subjected to the altitude and discomfort of
hoisting myself onto my bed each night. Stoked.
Well in terms of my district things are going well. We are
continuing to be best friends ever, which is why a certain change was
not simply inevitable, but requisite. Our district is no longer known as
"District 54F" as we here-to-for have been called. We are now known
as "Team Friendship". I decree it, and it has been done. Also our district
found a way to successfully MacGuyver ourselves into any of the locked
residence rooms. However, we will NEVER reveal our secret.
I hope that everybody enjoyed conference this past weekend!
Talk about a stacked program! Saturday had some amazing speakers, so
I really hope that you have the opportunity to read or hear them sometime
in the future. You won't regret it! I don't think I've ever been so excited for
conference, and rightly so. I felt like so many of the speakers were talking
directly to me as a missionary. If anyone in this MTC didn't want to
get out and serve, they do now.
Well, I filled out my electronic VISA application, so this means that
the prospect of actually getting to Brazil is all the more tangible. Basically
in the next few months I may or may not get to Brazil. We will see what happens.
Anyway, we had some very good discussions with our "investigators" this
week. The changes that we have made to our teaching approach are helping
immensely. There is no happier feeling than when an investigator accepts your
message and fulfills commitments that we extend to them. Even if they aren't
real investigators. I simply can't wait to be released into the wild that is the
mission field to start teaching for real!
Well, I hope everyone had a great conference weekend and that you are
all doing very well. I wish you all my best!
- Elder Eskildsen

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011 Happy week in the MTC

Bom dia!
I''m doing very well today! This really has been a really good week!
I don''t know what it is, but I have just been unnaturally happy this week.
(Probably going insane). But who knows? They could be putting something
in the water here. Could be.
Our lessons have been getting better and better, and it was earlier this week
that our companionship had a major regime change in the way that we approach
our lessons. We did this to make our lessons more cohesive, fluid, and understandable.
The language barrier is still a challenge during the lessons for some, but with each others
help it has been able to be overcome, step by step. It was also imperative for us
to just be a little bit more enthusiastic during the lessons. Before this last week each
lesson seemed morose and insipid. We now are more openly excited during our
lessons, because we know that the message that we have to share is
truly exciting!
As for other things, not much has changed. The MTC always has
a way of staying ""Steadfast and Immovable"" in all of the things it has to offer.
The schedule never changes, and everything we eat has simply the semblance of
food. But this is still a happy place! Everyone is trying thier best to live the rules
we have been given and to improve themselves. What better people could I be around?
Notwithstanding this I am exponentially ready to get out of this MTC and into the field.
I feel that I know enough to get by, no matter where I will be sent. I''m sure that as soon
as I get into the field I will have a ""punch in the face"" experience that will make me
want to come back to the MTC with my tail between my legs... But as a result of my
impatient human nature, I am excited for what is to come!
I don''t know much of what else to say... I would think of something funny
to say, but I am not so disposed at the moment. Funny things don''t happen at the
MTC anyway. This is a serious place. No jokes. Haha. Just kidding, the Elders are
always laughing at something. We missionaries are simply a fun-loving bunch,
entirely filled with excitement to share the gospel.
I miss all you people in the normal world, and I always love to hear how you are doing!
Ate mais!
-Elder Dane Edward Eskildsen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011 Provo MTC

Hey all you people!

This has been a fairly alrightly marginal week. But really it was great!
I was sick again for most of this week, so I was in a state of frail stupor
for most days. Other than that I had a lot of fun learning how to proselyte a
and teach better.

We started doing fake street contacts this week, which I think is a lot of fun.
Especially since the Elders here wont send us away like most people will when
I'm out in the field. I'm getting better and better with the language, but I still
have no clue how to even talk about the weather. I could tell you all about the
restored gospel, but when it comes to rain.... Como se diz: "rain"?... Who knows.

This last week has been really pretty tiring as well. I am not ever going to be able
to get used to living this sedentary lifestyle. I may be developing something
analogous to bedsores from sitting in the most comfortable plastic chairs that
the MTC furnishers could find. It's really not that bad... sometimes we stand.
Notwithstanding the whole "lazyman" lifestyle, I have lost weight. Brace
yourselves for this. I have lost one whole pound. This is a superhuman feat
to say the least. Especially considering the fact so many others around me
are "bulking" up in the most gluttonous sense of the word. I could probably
stand to gain a bit though....

Anyway, after that diversion I'm not left with a ton of time. I feel like I have
not said a whole lot in this post, but at the same time there isn't a whole lot to
say. The MTC stays just as constant and static as does our schedule.
Therefore it sufficeth me to say that I am happy to be here at the MTC
being pumped full of knowledge of the gospel and all of the happiness
and tranquility that comes with living it.

I miss you all back home! I've enjoyed your letter, and, of course, keep
them coming! I hope you are all doing well!

-Elder Dane Edward Eskildsen

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3rd week in MTC September 13, 2011

Dear people stalking my blog on the internet,

Things have been goin great. It's almost my third week into the MTC. That means there are
officially 20 tally marks carved into the wall of my room. (Not really, vandalism is bad, and
probably very against mission rules.) I'm really having a good time though. The MTC's food
doesn't get any better, but the experiences get much more interesting and fulfilling.

My  companions have been as good as ever, although we do often have differences in opinion.
(Mine generally coming out on top.) But 99% of the time we get along very well. This week as
a companionship we committed our first "investigator" to baptism. The same guy that last week
so royally roasted us. In any lessons we have taught, I have done most of the speaking. Not by
choice, but because of the fact that my companions are struggling more with the language. I still
have no problem comprehending it, and now the speaking part is getting easier and easier!

The prospect of being reassigned to a stateside mission for a small time is looming closer
and more dominant. I have now warmed up to this idea, and think it would awesome to be able
to serve in the states and in Brazil. I still want that dang VISA though. Speaking of things going
to Brazil, I saw elder Empey last week on his first day in the MTC! I was really pretty excited
to see him. On top of that I have seen at least five other people that I know, including
Stephanie Ririe.

I have been running in the gym during workout hour several days a week during the duration of
my stay here. It is a small track that takes 10 laps to fill a mile. Its somewhat reminiscent of
one of those hamster wheels, but without the childish satisfaction of being allowed to run

in a hamster wheel. Long story short, going 4 miles on that is AWFUL. Notwithstanding this
I have gotten my 4 mile times under 30 minutes again and I am feeling pretty good about that.

This past weekend I was a bit sick. Not quite incapacitatingly sick, but almost to that point.
I'm pretty sure I caught it from my companion.... And if I didn't catch it from him I will blame him
anyway. (Mostly because he was  sick last week). Who know where I could have caught it from.
This MTC is almost a cesspool, whose contents include the confluence of every germ and sickness
that could have clung to some poor missionary upon entrance into the gates of the MTC's campus.
Even still though, I am feeling great these past few days. Especially today since it is P-day.
Which reminds me, our district is going planking :D

So I don't have a lot of time left so I feel the need to tell all of you that if you send me a letter
in the next few days taht I won't get it until thursday at the earliest. The MTC mailroom is
changing locations, so there will be a backup in the whole "getting" mail process. Let this harsh
news not deter you from sending me letters however. I always enjoy hearing from you all.

I miss you all, and hope the best to you!

-Elder Eskildsen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MTC companions Elder Mathieu and Elder Pole'o. Can you guess which one is Tongan?

2nd week MTC September 6

Here's another one for the blog!

It's been a pretty great week here at the MTC.
There hasn't been a lot of incredibly crazy things happen this week, but it has been
entertaining to say the least. My district really likes to have fun. This leads us to take
a lot of time off of our study schedule to "get to know" each others personalities. what
I mean by this is that everyone is so loud during study time that we all have no choice
but to share stories of our glorified pasts, our undeviating opinions, and our incredibly
auspicious expectations for the future. Nevertheless we do learn a lot, and we have
a good time doing it.

It has taken these two weeks, but my body has finally adjusted to the daily assault on
my digestive system. For some reason no one chooses the healthy alternatives that are
offered in the MTC cafeteria. (Apparently a steady diet of chocolate milk and processed
meats is not, in fact, a healthy lifestyle choice.) Regardless of this fact I am getting by
without gaining much weight. I have been running regularly which is a blessing in itself.

Each week I see more and more people that I know here in the MTC! It is crazy! It helps
to make this place more inviting and less like its prisonesque caricature. The Portugese
is once again giving me the "bi-polar" treatment. I can still understand everything that is
said. Yet my lack of ability to verbalize the language is still quite a stumbling block. It
will only come with time though. I time that I wouldn't mind coming any sooner.

Speaking of language barriers, we had a mock investigator last night! It was our teacher
pretending to be a door contact. Oh what fun we had with this investigator, and OH how
many red flags were raised. The first mistake my companions and I made was to walk
right into the classroom that was allegedly this investigators "house". This upset our
investigator, who I will now refer to as Rigo. (This being the completely false name that
our teacher told us). The next thing that got us thouroughly chewed out by Rigo was the
fact that we spoke English in front of him. He found this rude, and felt it less rude to raise
his voice ABOVE that appropriate for the circumstance. The next bad thing occured when
we went to pray. The way he was to pray was diffirent than the way that we pray in our
church (He essentially just bowed really low with his palms up and hands outstrecthed.
when we told him that that is not the way in which we pray he was thoroughly offended.
I didn't know how to appease the situation in any language other than English, so I said
words that may or (most likely) may not have made sense.

This experience opened my eyes to how much I have left to learn and to how difficult being
a missionary really will be. Yet despite these verbal altercations I am still confident in my
ability to learn, grow, and be a good missionary.

I miss all of you guys, and I really hope that you enjoyed reading this, and are doing very
very well. Also it is always nice to receive letters, because I love to hear from you! It is also
imperative that you make me seem popular in front of my district. Mainly so that their ability
to overcome envy is strengthened. They need taken down a few notches! haha

Até mais!
-Elder Dane Eskildsen

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st week in umm the "Provo" MTC

So I have almost survived a week here at the MTC. It's been pretty cool so far. I have seen SO MANY people that I know here! At least 10 to 20
people that I know from Provo, and I see Elder Petersen most everyday, and I see Elder Benson quite often. Also I've seen elder Whitby quite a few times.
 My companions are two really awesomeguys (I'm in a triplet companionship) Elder Pole'o: a Tongan from Alaska, and Elder Mathieu, who is from Seattle area.

Almost all of the guys in my district are from Alaska or Washington, and they are all super cool and hardworking guys (even though we see our fair
share of slacking off). From the first day here I have been able to understand almost everything that my teachers tell me in Portugese,
but I'm still incredibly terrible at speaking it. No matter, I'll get it down eventually (at least a few days before I finish my mission).

I'll be here in Provo until October 24th, or until I get my VISA, whichever comes first. If I don't get my VISA then I will be going somewhere in
the states (A scary thought, I know). But I don't mind, because either way I am doing the lords work.

I haven't quite gotten used to not being able to listen to music (even church music in the MTC), but I can survive until I get out into the
mission field. The food here is ALMOST as bad as everyone says it is, but I think it gets too bad of a rap. Either way I have good days
and bad days when it comes to the food. But so does everyone else.

The other night I dreamt a little bit in Portugese which was cool. It was only phrases and words, but that doesn't stop me from obsessing
over myself. Haha. Another odd thing is being here in Provo but not being able to see anyone, or to go to the places I'm so used to
going around Provo. It almost does feel like a little prison. The only differences are the presence of the spirit and higher morale. I don't think
I've been here long enough to try to make a break for it anyway.

My district has been teaching this investigator in Portugese, which has gone fairly well. It is difficult because of the whole language barrier thing, but either
way we still "committed him to baptism". I put that in quotes because I am fairly sure that he is not a real investigator. It still is an awesome experience though!
Anyway I'm getting pretty close to running out of my 30 min time limit, so I'll wrap things up. I'm having a really great time here at the MTC,
and I really am lucky and blessed to be able to have guys in my district who are really great guys. Actually I'm having a marginally terrific time here. It won't
get truly awesome until I am out in the field.

I miss you all!

-Elder Dane Eskildsen

P.S. I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of stuff, so If you want to get a more personal letter then handwrite something or send something
through Either way you will probably get to hear about how my mission is going. Do what you want, either way I'm content.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Started a blog.

So I've done it. I started a blog. Yes it is cliched, but you all want to know 
what I will be doing for the next two years while I am in Brazil. 

As it says in the info, me mum will be updating this blog. NOT ME. Therefore 
it is not breaking mission rules. I leave in 8 or 9 days, which makes me incredibly excited.
Not only to leave again, but to go out and serve the lord for two years!
 So check up every once in a while to see whats going on in my mission, it may will be worth it. 
   I will be serving in the Santa Maria mission for the next two years. It takes up half of  the      state  of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil. 
                          Here is a map/ diagram:

Stay tuned for more. I may post some more in the few days I have before my departure.