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Monday, December 26, 2011

Feliz Natal Tchê!
This past week was a bit slow.The first few days of the week went really well, relatively without incident. Then to our absolute horror my entire apartment was struck with some sort of dysenteric madness, which left our entire apartment inside for two days straight. I will explain what happened. We came home one night and Elder Bott had a fever of 101, which as we all know is not good. Yet that was just the beginning. The next day Elder Bott was feeling a bit better, and mine and Elder de Souza´s lunch fell through so we went to Elder Garrett and Bott´s lunch. That is where we thing we contracted the affliction of the bowel that we suffered later that night and all the next day. So we were forced to stay in the house the next day. The sickness eased itself off me first, so I got better bythe middle of the day, but the others still had it. Eventually, one by one, the others got better. The next
day we would have gone out, but two Elders were still in stricken, and it was raining like crazy. And windy. I have never seen such a river in the middle of the street as I saw last week. It was awesome, but also we
were tired of being stuck inside. We did have a lot of fun bonding though. We are all better now and ready
for action this next week.
      Christmas here in Brazil was pretty awesome, but quite different from the states. The Brazilians dont usually start the big festivities until midnight, but as missionaries we werent allowed to be out so late. Luckily we had an awesome ward member who invited us over and had a nice dinner of Brazilian BBQ ready for us nice and early (9:50 PM). (We were allowed to stay out until 10:30 on Christmas eve, so we were not breaking a rule. Anyway, it was delicious and awesome, and my wrists are complaining and demanding that I stop writing because I´m creating crazy run on sentences that may or may not be filled with logical fallaciesand all around buffoonary. Então, vou encerrar. Espero que todos vocês tinham boas festas, e um feliz ano novo!
 Tcau meninos.
-Elder Eskildsen

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