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Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19

E aí pessoas,Como estão?
This week was a bit slow, but successful nonetheless. We had two morebaptisms which was notable to say the least.We baptized a set of twins: Leonardo e Leandro,who are both nine years old and quite awesome!
They were a lot of fun to teach and have alot of excitement towards the gospel! We have a few great investigators right now andI am excited to be able to see them progress. It´s going to require some hard work to be successfulduring the holiday season though. No one seems to have time to talk to us during Christmas. Who knew? Not me. (I did in fact just answer my own rhetorical question). We had a lot of great lessons and good food this last week. Also we attended zone conference which was splendid.
            I got bit by a dog for the first time here last monday night.I can´t say I enjoyed it, but I can now cross it off the list of things I have yet to do here. It only bruised lightly (mainly because my manly integumentary system withstands mosttypes of bruising.), but It hurt all the same. I´m starting to like dogs less and less here. Also last night in our apartment we had a little friend in our apartment. He was about 2 inches long, brown, and is commonly called a cockroach. He was gross. We killed him. I have a feeling we will be seeing his
family in the future. Woohoo for sketchy missionary housing! Its not too bad though. I hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoyed my scanty post today. Até mais!
Elder Eskildsen

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