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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 12, 2011

To my friends and/or fans in the real world,   This past week has gone fairly well. It was fairly uneventful, yet even so I will proceed to talk about uneventful (albeit interesting) things.  The crazy lady showed up at church yesterday. She didn´t make too much noise during sacrament meeting, but she did steal some trash out of the refuse bin. She also danced a bit, and made kissy faces at me through the window. I was afraid. Oh, so afraid. Luckily we essentially evaded her the entire time. (Evaded meaning that we kept enough distance from her and us that she was unable to touch us). I found out what the word piolho means. It means lice. I know this because, as I was teaching a set of twins that are 9 years of age, I was questioned by one of them ´´ Você tem piolho?´´. I was not familiar with this word,so I looked at my companion who mouthed the word ´´lice´´. I replied to the aforementioned child, Não, não tenho piolho´´. He then added ´´oh, porque eu tenho.´´ He was sitting quite close to me, which was quite disconcerting. Up until this point I do not have said lice. Hopefully  nothing becomes of that. Lice are bad.  I have come to the conclusion that just  because Portuguese has no translational equivalent for the word awkward does not mean that Brazil, or any other Portuguese speaking country is devoid of awkward situations. More on that later. (Meaning I cant think of any awkward situations at the moment, but they are bound to occur in the next few days, or possibly even hours.)

       Well because of a little mixup with the box full of our zone´s mail, I have not received any letters from anyone. So if you sent me any sort of letter or anything like that, there is no reason to fear. I look forward to hearing from people. Also, for those of you who are´´window shopping´´ with my blog: If you can´t get  enough of hearing about my life and the details  concerned with it, feel free to write. You may even feel obligated to write. Thats completely fine too, I am not one to tell you how to live your life.        Então, adeus meus amigos. Só alegria.
-Elder Eskildsen

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