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Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5, Churassco

Oi, Tudo bem?

All is well here in the southern hemisphere. The moon is upside down, which is a little unnerving, (not scientific fact) but that is an odd side note. We didnt do a lot of knocking doors today, which is a good thing. We had quite a few referals and taught our fair share of lessons. There was still immense amounts of walking though. We spent a lot of Teusday searching for a new apartment, because President is sending two new sets of missionaries here, and thus we need to find a new place in which
to live. It was not near as wild and exhilirating as it sounds.
   When we were looking at apartments we ran into the same crazy lady who snuck into the
chapel two weeks ago and was dancing around. Sufficeth to say it was an odd experience. We
were downtown, in front of a store, asking someone for directions when I (regrettably)
caught the attention of an (Also regrettably)familiar face. As soon as she perceived that I
saw her, she dropped (or rather threw) the trash in her hand onto the ground. (I assume it was
trash because I have been told that she has a habit of gathering refuse [Apparently all of the
missionaries are aware of this same crazy woman, because they all knew who I was talking
about when I recounted the story]) Anyway, I digress. She threw her beloved trash to the
ground and started dancing to the music that was conveniently playing in a nearby store.
In my infinite  wisdom I decided that the best alternative would be to simply ignore her.
Good idea: DENIED; I soon found that when you ignore her, she touchs you. The more I
ignored, the more aggressive she got in touching my arm. It was like an old crazy Brazilian version
of my little brother Bergen. In the end we got the directions we were asking for and took
our speedy flight away from her, never to return again. I will admit, it was both an awkward and
funny experience while it was happening, and even now as I retell it.
     I have had some very delicious meals this past week, including a wonderful churrasco
that we had yesterday. I sent pictures with which to instill jealousy in anyone who views
them. Not much else worth mentioning has occured this week, but we worked hard
teaching and searching our those that the lord has prepared to accept our message.
I am so excited to be here doing this work! I hope that everyone is doing well!
-Elder Eskildsen

P.S. We ate at the house of a member who just got  back from Bela Horizante and he said
that he knew Elder Michael Casper, so thats pretty cool.

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