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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTC another week Oct 18

 Dear fans, stalkers, etc,
I have had an awesome time here at the MTC this week.
At this moment however, it is all quiet on the VISA front. There
have been a hundred or so VISA's come in for other missionaries,
yet not a single person in my district has gotten theirs. We however,
follow the admonition of Paul, and we HOPE all things. Hopefully
to some avail. But anyway, I will most likely be getting my
reassignment tomorrow or on Thursday, so that is super exciting.
I'm praying for cold, but I will probably be sent to Texas to
be chastened.
Well this week Elder Pole'o and I were chosen as one of eight
companionship's to teach in a "Preparing to Teach" seminar for
the new missionaries that come in on Wednesday. I'm pretty
excited, but now Elder Pole'o and I have to be careful not to be
too intimidating to the new missionaries. We can't expect them
ALL to be as great as us! Haha, but really we need to take care
that we don't screw these newbies up too much! Im really excited
for it, but teaching in English is going to be challenging. Perhaps
I should just teach in Portuguese to avoid being caught
in any mistakes! I think we will do great!
Well our district has been getting along just as good as ever.
There have been a few dissensions and arguments within our
district, but nothing that can't be resolved to easily. It is really
hitting us now that we will be leaving very soon. I'm really going
to miss all of these guys! But there are bigger and better things
out there for us to do.
So I love rambling. It is one of the greatest pastimes. The only
problem is that I have nothing left that I feel like I could talk about
that is at all interesting. Oh, actually there was somehow a pen in
my dryer this morning that EXPLODED all over my whites.... Luckily
I only suffered the casualty of one shirt (May it rest in peace). I am
so unfathomably lucky that that is all that happened, because I enjoy
wearing things that aren't covered in ink. Well I only have about 45
seconds left, so I miss you people! (Unless you are strangers [But you
are cool too]) and I hope you are doing well!
-Ate Mais!
Elder Eskildsen

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