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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MTC Oct 11

Boa Tarde everyone!
I hope you are having an excellent day.
Remember that time that I had nothing new to say about
the MTC, but I'm going to struggle to do so anyway? I do...

This week has just been a little bit more of the same. Pleasant
and full of joy, but static in every sense of the word. The indolence of
a long weekday is made more bearable by an awesome district. I'm
lucky to have them in my district. By what I've just said, it seems as
though I don't like it here. I can assure you that that is not the case!
I have not yet been unhappy here. I love everyone that I have met
and I am incredibly thankful for all I have learned. I just know that
there are things of tantamount importance for me to do somewhere
else. Thus I relish the opportunity to use all that I have learned here
to bring blessings into other peoples lives.

On another note, Elder Empey got his VISA and is headed out
to Brazil today. On a much more unrelated note, I am green with
jealous rage right now. But really, I am happy for him and know
that he will probably love it there. My one reservation concerning
leaving the MTC here early to go to Brazil is leaving my district
behind. Needless to say it will be hard to say goodbye when that
time comes.

We sing alot in our district. I don't know if any of you know that.
Hymns of course. Anything else is worldly and evil. Haha, I really
enjoy the musical potential that my district has. There isn't one of
us who can't carry a tune. Thus we display our talents for the benefit
and upliftment (not a word, but bear with me) of all those that are around to hear. (In a reverant,
friendly manner of course). Also, on Sunday evenings a bunch of
Tongan and Samoan missionaries get together to just sing, and I,
through Elder Pole'o's Tongan-ness have been priveleged to
join in. It is so much fun, and the Polynesians are just
awesome people.

Basically, this is a wonderful place, full of joy and optimism.
Oh, and tomorrow I get to host new missionaries. Stoked.
I can't wait to see what the future will hold!
I hope you are doing well and that you are all prospering and such

Ate Mais!
-Elder Eskildsen!

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