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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3rd week in MTC September 13, 2011

Dear people stalking my blog on the internet,

Things have been goin great. It's almost my third week into the MTC. That means there are
officially 20 tally marks carved into the wall of my room. (Not really, vandalism is bad, and
probably very against mission rules.) I'm really having a good time though. The MTC's food
doesn't get any better, but the experiences get much more interesting and fulfilling.

My  companions have been as good as ever, although we do often have differences in opinion.
(Mine generally coming out on top.) But 99% of the time we get along very well. This week as
a companionship we committed our first "investigator" to baptism. The same guy that last week
so royally roasted us. In any lessons we have taught, I have done most of the speaking. Not by
choice, but because of the fact that my companions are struggling more with the language. I still
have no problem comprehending it, and now the speaking part is getting easier and easier!

The prospect of being reassigned to a stateside mission for a small time is looming closer
and more dominant. I have now warmed up to this idea, and think it would awesome to be able
to serve in the states and in Brazil. I still want that dang VISA though. Speaking of things going
to Brazil, I saw elder Empey last week on his first day in the MTC! I was really pretty excited
to see him. On top of that I have seen at least five other people that I know, including
Stephanie Ririe.

I have been running in the gym during workout hour several days a week during the duration of
my stay here. It is a small track that takes 10 laps to fill a mile. Its somewhat reminiscent of
one of those hamster wheels, but without the childish satisfaction of being allowed to run

in a hamster wheel. Long story short, going 4 miles on that is AWFUL. Notwithstanding this
I have gotten my 4 mile times under 30 minutes again and I am feeling pretty good about that.

This past weekend I was a bit sick. Not quite incapacitatingly sick, but almost to that point.
I'm pretty sure I caught it from my companion.... And if I didn't catch it from him I will blame him
anyway. (Mostly because he was  sick last week). Who know where I could have caught it from.
This MTC is almost a cesspool, whose contents include the confluence of every germ and sickness
that could have clung to some poor missionary upon entrance into the gates of the MTC's campus.
Even still though, I am feeling great these past few days. Especially today since it is P-day.
Which reminds me, our district is going planking :D

So I don't have a lot of time left so I feel the need to tell all of you that if you send me a letter
in the next few days taht I won't get it until thursday at the earliest. The MTC mailroom is
changing locations, so there will be a backup in the whole "getting" mail process. Let this harsh
news not deter you from sending me letters however. I always enjoy hearing from you all.

I miss you all, and hope the best to you!

-Elder Eskildsen

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