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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011 Happy week in the MTC

Bom dia!
I''m doing very well today! This really has been a really good week!
I don''t know what it is, but I have just been unnaturally happy this week.
(Probably going insane). But who knows? They could be putting something
in the water here. Could be.
Our lessons have been getting better and better, and it was earlier this week
that our companionship had a major regime change in the way that we approach
our lessons. We did this to make our lessons more cohesive, fluid, and understandable.
The language barrier is still a challenge during the lessons for some, but with each others
help it has been able to be overcome, step by step. It was also imperative for us
to just be a little bit more enthusiastic during the lessons. Before this last week each
lesson seemed morose and insipid. We now are more openly excited during our
lessons, because we know that the message that we have to share is
truly exciting!
As for other things, not much has changed. The MTC always has
a way of staying ""Steadfast and Immovable"" in all of the things it has to offer.
The schedule never changes, and everything we eat has simply the semblance of
food. But this is still a happy place! Everyone is trying thier best to live the rules
we have been given and to improve themselves. What better people could I be around?
Notwithstanding this I am exponentially ready to get out of this MTC and into the field.
I feel that I know enough to get by, no matter where I will be sent. I''m sure that as soon
as I get into the field I will have a ""punch in the face"" experience that will make me
want to come back to the MTC with my tail between my legs... But as a result of my
impatient human nature, I am excited for what is to come!
I don''t know much of what else to say... I would think of something funny
to say, but I am not so disposed at the moment. Funny things don''t happen at the
MTC anyway. This is a serious place. No jokes. Haha. Just kidding, the Elders are
always laughing at something. We missionaries are simply a fun-loving bunch,
entirely filled with excitement to share the gospel.
I miss all you people in the normal world, and I always love to hear how you are doing!
Ate mais!
-Elder Dane Edward Eskildsen.

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