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Monday, June 25, 2012


June 25, 2012
Its great to hear from you. Yeah  one concept that I have learned here in this wardis that people become fairly discontent when they aren’t ever called to speak or when the same speakers give talks every week. Everyone in this ward complains about that because the same 6 people alternate speaking each week and awesome members have not spoken in years. Its good for even those who are not eloquent to talk. Though another concept I learned in my mission prep class is that you should never take time from the presiding speaker, because he usually has something important to say.  Yea with disciplinary councils it is just that like you said, to help the repentance process. Spencer W Kimballs book the miracle of forgiveness gives a very interesting view of the repentance process and the concept of disciplinary councils etc. Tell SaraH congratulations! I will write back to the note she sent me soon. 
 Yeah,  ground school is really quite difficult. It was the only thing that compared to a college class that I had ever taken before college. Just study a lot and the stuff that seems confusing now will just get clearer with time.
 The weather yet again got warmer here and it seems that we aren’t going to have much of a winter here and I have heard that summer is going to start earlier this year. Oh joy. There were a few relatively cool days this last week. Just sufficient enough to wear a sweater.
        Yea our investigators made us dinner a few weeks ago and we started to teach the plan of salvation. This last week they made us churrasco as well. They basically want to make us dinner once a week on Wednesdays because that is the only day that they really have free. But thats fine. They are really great and really want to go to church, but for some reason they didn’t go again this last week. We are going to teach them on Wednesday and well see what happened. Yesterday a family of investigators of ours invited us over for a lunch of churrasco, and it was literally the best meal I have had on this mission. They really knew how to cook. And boy did they do it well. They are really great, but I just dont know how genuine their interest in the gospel is.
          We got a reference of a family from a member this last week and we went with that member on Wednesday to teach them, That lesson was awesome. We taught the first part of the restauration. They were incredibly accepting of the message and they expressed many doubts and problems that they have with other churches that exist today. We marked to go back and teach them today. They are a really awesome family and have a huge desire to learn about Christ’s true church.
   I got bit by a dog on  Saturday. We were walking through a very ghetto neighborhood and we passed a few people on lawn chairs that had dogs around them. As we passed they started to grab the dogs, yet it appears that one escaped their reach and went to take a bite out of my quadriceps. He didn’t rip my pants, but he got into my leg a bit. So I went to the doctor got it cleaned up with some antibiotic stuff and I should be fine. Luckily the rabies season isn’t until august, It didn’t hurt too bad until the way to the hospital.
      We taught some awesome lessons this week and our teaching group is filled with awesome families. We just need to help more people realize the importance of going to chruch. No one seems to want to go here. The Elders in the entire city have been having problems with gettting investigators to church. Luckily we had a few yesterday.
   I hope you are all having an amazing summer (my winter) and I love you!    -Elder Eskildsen

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