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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 3, 2012

2012Dang thats pretty crazy that dad still has work in December. Is it still not getting to be very cold there? Im lucky that we still havent gotten to the point that not even a shower cools us off. It hasnt gotten SUPER hot yet, or rather, its been hot, but it isnt nonstop. The nights still get a bit cool. I will enjoy it while it lasts. I didnt even know that the Christmas devotional happened. No one in this ward said anything about it. Thats too bad. Maybe they will re air it in Portuguese or something.

That sounds cool that we have relatives in the bread business. I really do like bakeries but it seems as though that is something that is on the decline in the US. Here in Brazil they are sometimes found on every corner.

I had a feeling that James would have a bit of trouble on the mission. Jacob worte me a letter a while back and by the way James talked about his mission it didnt seem like he was really wanting to be there. The difference is really in the desire to serve the lord. Something that no one can be forced to do.

So I received a package a few weeks back but I dont know if it is one of the two that you mentioned. It was the one that had the shoes in it. Is there two more besides that one? I got that letter that you sent with colemans email in it.

This week was good but it sure was a test of patience. We had interviews with President which went very well. He gave me a few counsels on how to deal with my district and then asked me ´´did you know that your companion, Elder xxx has a weapon?´´ He then proceeded to tell me that someone informed him that he has a gun. Not a small gun but a musket. A large musket. I was 99% positive the my comp doesnt have a gun. He asked everyone in our house the same thing. As it turns out he does not have a gun, but as we did some detective work we found out that an Elder in xxx does in fact have a gun. He bought a gun to sell to a recent convert. There are 2 problems with that. First of all in all missions in the world missionaries are prohibited to have guns. Second is that Guns are illegal here in xxxx   thus classifying what this xxxxx did as illegal arms trafficking. That made this week a bit difficult and there were a few emergency transfers.
We did find some good people to teach though. We are still having a bit of trouble getting people to go to church, but other than that the work is going well.
I went to a ear nose and throat doctor the other day because Ive been pretty deaf in my left ear for the past (4) weeks. As was expected it was only caused by ear wax build up, so I took a medication to soften the wax to be extracted later today. He also did a basic face area exam and he discovered that I have a deviated septum which is obstructing almost entirely my left nostril and causing difficulties on the right. So I found out why I have a hard time breathing through my nose and why I feel like im suffocating in very humid places. Dang. Im full of little problems haha. This next week is gonna be good and if I get transferred I will be sure to tell you ASAP.



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