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Monday, December 3, 2012

marked Moises for baptism Oct 22

Oct 22

Wow homecoming week sounds like it was a ton of fun this last week. It makes it so strange to think that I was in high school a very short time ago etc. That is so crazy that the recent convert of the Elders died! He was lucky to have learned about and accepted the gospel in this life. Studying a bit in the doctrine and Covenants I learned that the first 4 verses of Doctrine and Covenants 59 are directed to Polly Knight who died shortly after having arrived in the city that would become zion. She was persevering through a scikness, with hopes of being able to set foot on the land of zion. The verses infer that those who die in Christ shall have peace and ´´rest from thier labors´´. Surely this new member of the church is resting from his labors.
Thats cool that Katelyns ´´man´´ knows Portuguese. Who knows, maybe I will have someone t o converse with me and Uncle Scott Stapleton in Portuguese when I get back off the mission. Yea I remembered dads Birthday and I hope he is doing well. I am going to celebrate by having a baptism. Also tell Great Grandma Happy Birthday for me and that I am thinking about her and keeping her in my prayers.
   This week was a bit difficult in the sense that many of our appointments fell through. We passed several days of difficulty without giving very many lessons, but we had a few very good successes. One of them was that we marked the baptismal date of Mois├ęs one of our investigators. He is a really good young man and has been well integrated into the ward. Additionally he has been attending church and mutual and other activities for the past several months. I think he is well ready for baptism.
This week got super hot and I have decided that I am not too ready for the summer. I am really having a hard time this week as well thinking about things to write. I love you and promise that my next email will be a bit longer and more fulfilling. Hope all goes well in Connell.


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