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Monday, December 3, 2012

November 28, 2012

Sounds like the trip was a lot of fun, notwithstanding the heat etc. I can definitely tell ya that it is starting to get pretty hot here in Santa Maria. Im not sure how ready I am for the heat. The other day it was only about 97 degrees but it already felt like I was standing in an oven. I cant even imagine what it is going to be like here in a month or two when it starts to get over 105.
So the house is going to be even bigger? Thats crazy. At least there will be enough rooms for all of us when we return from BYU during the holidays. Is Bergen already getting used to the idea of being the only child left at home here in a few months?
I am really excited to go on some hikes when I get back. That is one thing that I really miss and that we arent allowed to do here on the mission.
Grandma mentioned a bit about Katelyns man in the letter she sent me. I guess things are getting a bit serious. Dang. She needs to wait to get married so that I will be able to be there at the wedding.
Yes there are 4 people that live in the house with me so those 4 stockings will work out well. I am thinking I wont get transferred, but there is still a small chance I may be. President is going to transfer a few more people today and tomorrow and a few more people here in 2 weeks to not mess with the transfers too much during Christmas time.
And dont worry I have been trying to remember to use sunscreen. Sister Ribeiro has been really worried about the white missionaries and our sunburn potential.
   The baptism was really great this weekend! There were quite a few people that showed up and the meeting was very spiritual. I performed the ordinance and it was nice to be able to enter the water again. Our week was good and the lessons that we taught were very good as well, but we are still having a lot of trouble getting our investigators to go to church. Everyone says that they are 100% that they will go to church, we call and remind people, they say they will go, and then when we get to church no one is there. We will have to see what everyones excuses are this week. We did find some really good new investigators towards the end of the week that said they would go next week but in couldnt go yesterday. hopefully these people will progress more. Luckily many of the new investigators we have live close to our house and subsequently close to the chapel. This next week is definitely going to be a good one. My camera was dead a t the baptism and so I will send you pics of it next week. I love you all and hope you are doing well!

Oh and tell Mikaela, Katelyn, and Uncle Scott Stapleton that I wrote letters to them, but I simply forgot to bring them with me downtown to send in the mail so I will send them next week. Chances are they will get to the states by Christmas time


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