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Monday, December 3, 2012

November 15, 2012

Wow it sounds like this last week really was a difficult one. It is really sad that Brother Simpson passed away. He was a great scout master and a great guy.
This last week as well was a bit difficult. Mostly because it was very rushed and complicated but also because we were disappointed by the fact that all of the people we invited to go to church didnt end up going. The guy we are going to baptize didnt end up going either, and we still havent been able to talk with him. Im hoping he hasnt been having more problems with his heart. We will talk to him sometime soon to make sure everything is alright. We are really needing to find new people to teach. The people we had found the past several weeks/months dont really fulfill any of the comitments that we leave with them, so we have ended up cutting most of our teaching group and it is being really difficult trying to find other good investigators to teach. We have tried to get references from the members but to be honest that has brought in nothing until now. Im feeling that the member references are going to be more of a long run project. We taught several new people this week but none of them seem that they are going to take seriously the invitations that we leave with them. Part of the eason this week was so complex was that I did a 2 day division with another companionship in my district. It went really well and I was able to have great teaching experiences with Elder Lana that is in one of the other areas. I was able to see how his work is going and what he can do to improve etc. It was also quite exciting to get to know another area. We taught a 7th day adventist who the elders there are going to baptize. He is a really good guy, but he is still pretty hung up on the idea of sabbath day worship on saturday and the consumption of pork. We explained a little bit about the fulfillment of the law of Moses by Christ, but he says that although he will still be baptized he will never stop keeping the sabbath on Saturday in his heart. The division ws good, but we are still needing to better our own work here in Santa Marta. This week we will have to work really hard to improve things.
You are going on ANOTHER cruise?! Havent you gone on enough cruises these days? Did there ever end up having an ocean trip with Grandma e grandpa Eskildsen this year?
I didnt get any letters or packages this week but later today I will go see if I was so blessed. If you could put a few stacks of post it notes in the package that would be perfect. When following up the numbers of the district the sticky notes really help. Also something that I have been craving is stuffing. If there is room in the box you should send me a box of stuffing (the instant kind). Besides socks and jelly bellies, I cant think of anything else I need. But I love you all and hope you are doing very well!
-Elder Eskildsen


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