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Monday, December 3, 2012

November 5, 2012

Thats cool that dad is getting some more work in before the end of the year. Isnt it really out of the normal to get so much work this late in the season? This is a blessing resultant of tithing, did you know?Also the house thing is going to be weird, but it will just compliment the rest of the weird changes that are going to have been made during my 2 year absensce. Also I dont mind if you send me pictures that doesnt bother me at all. I havent yet got any packages or pics, but yet again I will be going to the post office here in a few hours to grab the mail and I will know then if I get anything.
Its good to know that Corwin finally has a drivers lisensce and not just a permit now. It is also nice to hear that he has gone with the most popular car model in the Rio Grande do Sul: an old VW beetle. There are a lot of people here that have that same car. How is Corwin doing do you know? maybe Jase knows a little. Its cool that you saw Alex as well. I will definitely have to hang out with him in the short period that I am at home before BYU. Its going to be a busy few weeks.
   This week was good in certain aspects but was a bit difficult. There was a really awesome Zone conference that we had with President Ribeiro. It got me a little bit more excited and way more pressured to work more efficiently and better with the members. In our mission at the moment practically no one is working well with the members, so that will definitely be something that we are working on this week. I ate some food that was bad monday night and passed all of Tuesday as the king of the bathroom. I got some pretty bad food poisoning and was incapacitated for one full day (tuesday) and I didnt completely ´´normalize´´ until Thursday. But I am better now and free of sickness. We had a really hard time fiding new people to teach this week. And the two people we did find arent too promising.. We still have a date marked for the 17th (we delayed the baptism a week so that we would have time to teach everything). Daniele the guy we are teaching and going to baptize has been having heart problems, and so it has been kind of hard to find him at home to teach him. He still has a very strong desire to be baptized and has been going to church for a while, so we will work hard to prepare him for the 17th. We are also trying to work with a guy who is married to a less active member. He is wanting to go to church etc, and he already knows that he is going to be baptized but it appears that his wife is the one that is more in the way than anything in terms of him going to church etc. I was a bit disanimated on saturday because we didnt teach very much and spent a lot of time walking and it was very very hot, but after a lot of prayer and a fast I am much better now. This work is true. Something I am doing with the Book of Mormon this week that I am enjoying is something that I beleive Elder Bednar said to do. To write a question in the front of the book, start the book over and look for an answer to that question while you read. I am discovering all kinds of new insights that I never thought of while doing a general reading. Well I love you and hope you are all doing very well. -Elder Eskildsen
oh and Socks. I would like socks in my Christmas package. Black socks. Also Jelly Belly Jelly beans if that is possible.

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